What is Carbonless?

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What is Carbonless?

What is Carbonless?

Carbonless paper is essentially the same as regular paper, but with an important, defining modification. One sheet of carbonless paper is half carbon-copying mechanism, half carbon-rich paper. It is only different from standard paper when placed beneath a sheet of carbon-rich paper.

To produce the carbon paper, a common industry practice is to heat hydrocarbons to a temperature such that they decompose partially. The carbon residue that remains is called “carbon black.” Normal paper is then rolled around a rod laden with carbon black so that only one side of the paper becomes covered in it.

Neither the carbon-rich paper nor the carbonless paper is especially useful on its own. They are both regular pieces of paper alone. When combined, carbon copying is possible.

How Does Carbonless NCR Paper Work?

With carbonless paper, the copy is produced by a chemical reaction between two different coatings, which are generally applied to the front and back of a base paper. This color reaction is caused by pressure (typewriter, dot-matrix printer, or writing instrument).

The first and uppermost layer (CB = Coated Back) consists of microcapsules containing a colorless but color-producing substance. When mechanical pressure is exerted on these capsules, they burst and release the color-producing substance, which is then absorbed by the second layer (CF = Coated Front). This CF layer consists of a reactive substance which combines with the color-releasing substance to produce the copy.

In the case of form sets with more than two sheets, another type of sheet is required as a central page which receives the copy and also passes it on (CFB = Coated Front and Back).


The microcapsules burst under the pressure of writing so that they release the reaction fluid onto the next sheet. An ink reaction creates the copy on the next sheet´s ink-absorbing layer.


For some applications we can supply a paper which carries the color-producing substance (microcapsules) and the color-receiver in a single layer on the front of the paper. The reaction then takes place in this single layer when pressure is applied by writing. For this reason, Selfcontained SC can be combined with an uncoated standard paper as the upper top page.

If more than one copy is required, then SC/CB paper can be used. Selfcontained SC/CB has another color producing layer of ink-releasing microcapsules on the back, which produces copies on subsequent central and back pages.



The microcapsules contained in the SC layer burst under the pressure of writing, so that they release reaction fluid onto the surrounding pigments. The color reaction takes place within the same layer.


On the front, this functions in the same way as SC. The extra layer of capsules on the back releases reaction fluid onto the next middle sheet or bottom sheet.


Carbonless paper is a great use for invoices, sales receipts, sales orders, purchase orders, just about any form where you would want to give your customer a copy and keep a copy for yourself.

What are standard carbonless or NCR paper colors?

Standard 2-part or duplicate carbonless paper is white on the top and yellow (canary) on the bottom.

Standard 3-part or triplicate carbonless paper is white on the top, yellow (canary) in the middle (part 2) and pink on the bottom (part 3).

Standard 4-part carbonless is white on the top, yellow (canary) as part 2, pink as part 3 and goldenrod as part 4.


The carbonless effect is created when you write on the copy. To begin with, all you have to do is load the blank paper into your printer or copier machine, and print the file two times if you are using a 2-part form or three times if you are using a 3-part form. After printing the file, you can either glue the pages together or put them on a clip board. Next, simply write whatever you have to on the top of the carbonless page, and it will transfer through to the other pages.



We provide our customers with free samples, excellent customer service, and fast production times. All our carbonless products are made in China, produced with the thickest and stiffest material of sheets, which are perfect for consistent and dependable printing through your laser, inkjet printer, or copier.

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