What is Art paper

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What is Art paper

Apart from Ivory Board and Woodfree paper, there have another one type of paper that is often used in the printing field, named Art paper. Art paper has almost the same

 characteristics as ivory Board, the difference is only in thickness or gramme. This makes art paper only suitable for printing certain products. Coated paper, the international 

name is printing coated paper; it is a special paper product. Because the production process is to apply paint on offset paper, coated paper can be divided into single coated 

paper, double coated paper, double coated cardboard;

Coated paper is characterized by high surface strength, high smoothness and strong gloss, and has a large pulling force on printed ink, so it is widely used in high-grade 

printed matter. According to its special manufacturing properties, it is mainly used for the cover, illustration, and color screen of high-end books and periodicals in the

 printing industry, and can also be used for various exquisite product advertisements, magazines, product packaging, etc.


A coated paper for copperplate printing. The paper surface is smooth and glossy, and the coating is firm and consistent, making it easy to obtain exquisite and clear patterns 

and characters after printing. Coated base paper is made of bleached chemical wood pulp or partially bleached chemical straw pulp on a paper machine. Using raw paper as

 the paper base, white pigments (also known as white clay, such as kaolin, talcum powder, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, etc.), adhesives (polyvinyl alcohol, casein, 

modified starch, synthetic latex, etc.), and other auxiliary materials (such as gloss agent, hardener, plasticizer, dispersant, wetting agent, opacifying agent, fluorescent 

whitening agent, toner, etc.), uniform coating processing on the coating machine, and drying and super calendering And made. Used for high-end art printing, wall 

calendars, posters, albums, color illustrations, book covers and advertising trademarks, etc.

The characteristic of coated paper is that the paper surface is very smooth and smooth, with high smoothness and good gloss. Because the whiteness of the paint used is 

more than 90%, and the particles are extremely fine, and it has been calendered by a super calender, the smoothness of the coated paper is generally 600-1000s. At the same

 time, the paint is evenly distributed on the paper surface to show a pleasing white color. Coated paper requires high coating strength, thin and uniform coating, no bubbles,

 and appropriate amount of adhesive in the coating to prevent paper from powdering during printing.

Before printing using art paper, make sure you already know the characteristics, uses, and advantages of this type of paper. Come on, see the explanation below to understand more!



Art paper is a type of paper that has a smooth and shiny surface on both sides. This makes the art paper look more exclusive and the designs printed on it will have a sharper color. 

Art paper is usually added with matte or glossy lamination. The gramme of this type of paper is quite varied, ranging from 80gsm to 250gsm. If you want more hard for the book 

cover or other exquisite packing; we have Art board from 230-400gsm as well;



Magazines, calenders, catalogue, brochures, posters. Because it includes coated paper (paper coated with a mixture of materials or polymers), art paper is more durable and does

 not easily absorb liquids, so this type of paper is used as a printing medium for various printing products, such as calendars, paper bags, hang tags, stickers, posters, brochures. , 

and greeting cards. It is not surprising that many printing products are printed using art paper because this paper is very durable and not easily brittle, even if it is stored for a long


C1S Coated paper can be used for label as well; it can be attached to most substrates including cardboard, plastic film and HDPE. Widely used in promotional and industrial 

semi-gloss color label printing. Typical applications such as cosmetic labels, drug labels, fragile anti-counterfeiting labels and food labels.

Product Introduction:

Glossy Paper Weight:

80GSM 90GSM 100GSM 105GSM 115GSM 120GSM 128GSM 130GSM 150GSM 157GSM 170GSM 200GSM 250GSM

Matt Paper Weight:

80GSM 90GSM 100GSM 105GSM 115GSM 120GSM 128GSM 130GSM 150GSM 157GSM 170GSM 200GSM 230GSM

Coated 1 Side/C1S Art Paper

80GSM 90GSM 100GSM 120GSM

C2S Art Board

210GSM 230GSM 250GSM 270GSM 280GSM 300SM 320GSM

Roll Size:600mm;650mm;700mm; 750mm; 810mm; 900;etc

Sheets size:65x92cm;69x89cm; 70x100cm; 72x102cm; 77x110cm; 787x1092mm; 889x1194mm;

          20x30’’ 24x36’’ 31x43’’ etc

Besides we also can accept customer’s request size;



BPOP-Bulk packing on pallet;

RWOP-Ream wrapping on pallet;

Rolls then in pallet;

Brand Recommendation

C2S art paper is widely used in all walks of life, the famous brand is CHENMNG, APP,  IPSUN, HUATAI and so on. We maintain stock levels of C2S art paper and other key products 

which allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to our client’s needs.

Why use coated paper to print advanced prints

Coated paper is developed along with screen printing. Since the surface unevenness of uncoated paper fibers is much larger than the diameter of the dots, some dots are just in

 the gaps between the fibers and cannot transfer ink. onto the paper so that the image pixels cannot be reproduced in this area. After the paper is coated with slurry and then 

calendered, the particles on the surface of the paper are smaller than the diameter of the dots, and the ink acceptance of the slurry is also better than that of cellulose fibers, 

so the dots can be reproduced correctly. Clearly, the printing performance of coated coated paper is better than that of uncoated offset paper.

If you interested in more details of Art paper. Please feel free to contact us in time. the top quality, best service and competitive price will provided for you all the time.

Thank you for your attention.

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