C1S Ivory Board Price lowest period

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C1S Ivory Board Price lowest period

The white cardboard market fell to the lowest point of the year, and the short-term continued downward space is limited.


Entering June, the white cardboard market continued its downward trend, which was in line with market predictions as a whole. At present, the paper price is at the low point since this year, and it is also the lowest point in the past two years. In the short term, the output of new production capacity has gradually increased, the demand has continued in the off-season, and the payment cycle has entered the second half of the year, and the focus of market transactions is under downward pressure. However, after the continuous downward adjustment, the market's willingness to stop the decline has increased, and there may be little space for further decline.



June is in the off-season of traditional demand for white cardboard, and the orders of downstream printing factories are generally less. Judging from the manufacturing PMI index released by the National Bureau of Statistics, May fell by 0.4 compared with April, and fell for three consecutive months, reflecting that the current domestic economic recovery and development foundation still needs to be consolidated. For the white cardboard market with obvious consumption attributes Speaking of it, it can be confirmed by the status quo that its terminal demand continues to be weak. Judging from market feedback, there is no obvious sign of recovery in demand in June, and printing factories are more cautious in their purchasing attitude under the continuous price decline, which further slows down the progress of market shipments and increases the downward pressure on paper prices.


The market price has fallen below the cost, and the room for further decline in the second half of the month may be limited.


In the second half of the month, the market is not good enough, and the price center of gravity may move down as a whole. The start-up load rate of new production lines is still in the climbing period. With the continuous release of production, the situation of oversupply will expand. The market demand is still in the off-season, and short-term orders are difficult to increase significantly. However, the current price has fallen below the cost line, and the industry is in a state of negative profitability. In addition, the key factor in the market at this stage is insufficient demand. Even if the paper price continues to fall, it is not very attractive to downstream purchases. Therefore, the market is more willing to stop the decline and hope for stability. Early enhancement. On the whole, it is expected that the short-term market will run weakly and downward, but the current paper price has fallen to the bottom, and the space for further adjustment may be limited.


Starting from July, the price of the FBB began to increase. Major paper mills, Chenming, Sun paper, Bohui, and APP have issued price increase letters one after another, and the lowest price of white cards this year is coming to an end.


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