What Is Carbonless Paper?

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What Is Carbonless Paper?

Carbonless paper is divided into upper page paper, middle page paper, and lower page paper. On the lower side of the upper and middle pages, a certain drug is coated, and on the upper side of the middle and lower pages, another chemical is coated. After being combined in the order of top, middle, and bottom pages, when subjected to the impact force of the printing needle or the pressure of the pen tip, two different drugs will meet and create a brilliant impression, achieving the purpose of copying.


The upper page paper is called CB paper, and only the lower side is coated with CB medicine and called CB surface; The next page of paper is called CF paper, with only one surface coated with CF medicine and called CF surface; Medium paper is called CFB paper, with the top side coated as CF and the bottom side coated as CB. Carbon free paper dyeing is very important, as CB drugs are coatings containing capsules, adhesives, and additives. The capsule particle size is only 3-7 ц m. The outer shell is made of resin, and the interior is coated with solvent oil containing colorless dyes. When the capsule is damaged by external force, the dye oil will flow out. If the CB surface is attached to the CF surface at this time, the carbon free copy paper will flow the dye oil to the CF surface, making the CF drug appear more exciting. CF drugs are coatings containing color developing agents, binders, and additives, and the color developing agents are mainly certain resins and active clay.


There are roughly 5 colors of carbon free paper; Five colors, including white, red, blue, green, and yellow, serve to distinguish between linked documents!


Name of Carbonless Paper


White: Top White/Medium White/Bottom White


Red: Upper Red/Middle Red/Lower Red


Blue: Upper Blue/Middle Blue/Lower Blue


Green: Top Green/Medium Green/Bottom Green


Yellow: Upper Yellow/Middle Yellow/Lower Yellow


It is precisely because there are so many types of paper that carbonless paper can achieve the effect of copying multiple copies. Currently, I have seen a list of finished products made of carbonless paper with a maximum of 7 copies: top white, middle red, middle blue, middle green, middle yellow, middle red, and bottom white. As long as the strength is strong enough, each copy can be copied!

Gram: 48/50/ 52/ 53/ 57/ 60/ 70/ 80/ 100/ 120/ 150gsm

CB (White); CFB ( White/ Blue/ Pink/ Green/ Yellow); CF( White/ Blue/ Pink/ Green/ Yellow); 

Material: 100% virgin woodpulp

Size: Customized sheet and reel/ roll, 241*279mm, 9.5*11inch, A4

Ply:  1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6 ply

Image: Blue and Black available

Package: 500 sheets/ ream or roll packed

Carbonless carbon paper is a high-end office paper with controllable pressure sensitive color rendering characteristics, widely used in various industries such as taxation, finance, postal service, and banking. The company has successively developed two series of products, including ordinary carbon free copy paper and special carbon free copy paper. The product has the advantages of good paper appearance, high color density, and high color sensitivity.

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