Thermal Paper: the Arrival of A New Era of Inkless Printing

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Thermal Paper: the Arrival of A New Era of Inkless Printing

I A New Era of Inkless Printing


In modern society, printing has become one of the indispensable and important links. Traditional printing technology uses ink, which requires the replacement of consumables and is expensive, and may also cause environmental pollution. However, the emergence of thermal paper printing has greatly promoted the development of inkless printing technology.

Firstly, from a technical perspective, thermal printing technology has the following advantages. Firstly, its printing speed is very fast, reaching tens of pages per second or even higher. Secondly, thermal printing paper does not require the use of consumables such as ink cartridges and nozzles, making it more cost-effective and practical to use. In addition, thermal printing paper can be printed on demand, avoiding waste in traditional printing processes. These advantages make thermal printing technology have great potential in the field of digital printing.


Secondly, from a market perspective, thermal printing paper also has broad market prospects. With the rapid development of e-commerce, logistics and other industries, the demand for printing a large amount of monochrome information is constantly increasing, such as transportation labels, express waybills, and cash receipts. In these situations, thermal printing technology is highly favored due to its advantages such as fast printing speed and low cost. Moreover, with the popularization and application of digital printing technology, thermal printing paper will also be applied in more industries and occasions.

Finally, from an environmental perspective, thermal printing technology is more environmentally friendly than traditional printing methods. Traditional printing methods require the use of a large amount of ink, and other liquid materials, which often produce pollution such as wastewater and exhaust gas, causing a certain impact on the environment. And thermal printing technology does not require the use of these liquid materials, so it has greater advantages in environmental protection.

In summary, thermal printing technology, as a digital printing method, has great potential in terms of technology, market, and environmental protection. With the development and application of digital printing technology, thermal printing paper will also be applied on more occasions. Of course, we also need to see its limitations and choose appropriate digital printing methods based on specific needs.

In short, thermal printing paper, as a digital printing method, has many advantages and potential. The development trend and demand changes of the future digital printing market will also determine whether it will become a mainstream choice. Anyway, we should always pay attention to the development and innovation of digital printing technology to meet the constantly changing printing needs and contribute to the environmental protection cause


II How to Choose A Good Thermal Cash Register Paper?

Thermal paper is a widely used material in the printing industry, but how to choose a good thermal paper is a noteworthy issue.

1 Choosing the Appropriate Paper Thickness.

When choosing thermal paper, it is also necessary to consider the thickness of the paper. Generally speaking, the thicker the paper, the higher its physical indicators such as wear resistance and tear resistance. However, in practical applications, excessive paper thickness can make it difficult for the printer to feed paper and affect printing quality. Therefore, choosing the appropriate paper thickness is very important.

2 Choosing the Appropriate Specifications and Sizes.

Choosing appropriate specifications and sizes based on actual needs is also the key to selecting good thermal paper. Different types of printers require the use of different specifications and sizes of thermal sensitive paper, which needs to be determined based on the printing equipment used.

3 Choosing Reliable Brands and Suppliers.

Finally, choosing reliable brands and suppliers is also an important factor in choosing good thermal paper. Reliable brands usually have better quality assurance and after-sales service, while reputable suppliers can provide users with timely and accurate delivery and discounted prices.

In short, selecting a good thermal paper requires a comprehensive consideration of factors such as substrate, dye layer, paper thickness, specifications, and dimensions based on actual needs, and selecting reliable brands and suppliers. Only by comprehensively considering multiple aspects can one choose a high-quality and cost-effective thermal paper that is suitable for oneself.

III Thermal Small Roll

图片3图片4Thermal small rolls are cut by factories based on commonly used sizes in the market, and customer terminals can directly purchase small rolls for use. For small rolls, there are two elements: GSM (gram weight per square meter) and Size. In addition, customers can customize the back printing when ordering small rolls to deepen the impression of their brands in their customers minds.


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