Semi glossy art paper sticker paper

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Semi glossy art paper sticker paper




Semi glossy art paper sticker paper


A bright white one side coated art paper

Basis Weight: 80 g/m2± 10% ISO536
Caliper:    0.072 mm ± 10% 1SO534


A general purpose permanent, acrylic based adhesive.


A super calendered white release paper with excellent roll label converting Properties.

White/Yellow/Blue Release Paper

White/Yellow/Blue Glassine Paper

Basis Weight:  80 g/m2± 10% 1SO536

Caliper:    0.072 mm ± 10% ISO534

Performance data

loop Tack  (st,st)-FTM 9: 16.0 0Tear  (N/25mm)

20 min 90。Peel (st,st)-FTM 2: 7.5 or Tear

24 hour 90。Peel (st,st)-FTM 2:  9.5 or Tear

Minimum Application Temperature:  10。C

After labeling 24Hours, Service Temperature Range: -50。C  +90。C

Adhesive Performance

The adhesive features excellent initial tack and ultimate bond on a wide variety of substrates, including apolar, slightly rough and curved substrates.Particularly good  performance at small cylindrical or over laminated labels:

e.g. cosmetic and pharmaceutical containers.

AP104A is suitable for applications where compliance with FDA 175.105 is required. This section covers applications where for indirect or incidental contact food, cosmetic or drug products.

Applications and use

The products are suitable for a wide range of promotional and industrial label applications where attractive semi-gloss appearance in multi-colour work is required.Typical applications include cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industry labeling systems.

The above does not represent any guarantee or warranty and the Purchaser must independently determine the suitability of the products for the Purchaser’s purposes.



This supercalendered semi-gloss facestock provides excellent printing quality by all the usual printing techniques, whether single or multicolour, line or process colour Printing.

Cares should be taken with the ink viscosity during printing process, too high viscosity of ink will damage the surface of paper. Excellent conversion characteristics in rotary and flat-bed. Acceptance of hot stamping foil is excellent. For the fine coding printing application, we recommend converter to have fully testing in advance.

Shelf life

One year when stored at 23 ± 2 ℃at 50 ± 5% RH.

Common size:

Sheet: A3, A4, 50x70cm, 51x70cm, 61x86cm, 65x92cm, 65x100cm, 70x100cm, 72x102cm, 20x30'', 24x36'', 34x43'' etc

Roll: roll width: 500-1600mm, roll length: 100-3000m

Besides we can also provide other special specifications as the customers' requirement.



Sheet: 100-200sheets/ream by kraft paper then on the pallet

        100sheets/ream, 5reams/carton then on the pallet

         100sheets/ream, 5reams/sack bag then loading into container

         100sheets/ream, 5reams/PE bag then loading into container

Roll: rolls good wrapped on pallet


 Characteristics of self-adhesive coated paper


1. High-quality printing effect: Self-adhesive coated paper uses high-quality coated paper with a smooth and flat surface, which can print very detailed and clear patterns and text.


2. Strong plasticity: Self-adhesive coated paper has good plasticity and can be customized according to customer requirements during the printing process, making the product unique.


3. High viscosity: The surface of self-adhesive coated paper is covered with a coating, which can maintain viscosity for a long time and can be pasted on the surface of various materials, such as glass, metal, plastic, etc.


4. High anti-counterfeiting: Self-adhesive coated paper can be added with some special materials and processes, such as fluorescent pigments, infrared materials, etc., which can play a very good anti-counterfeiting role.


Daily use of self-adhesive coated paper


1. Labels and barcodes: Self-adhesive coated paper can print very fine labels and barcodes, which are used in commodity packaging, logistics and other fields, and have a good marking effect.


2. Anti-counterfeiting and security: Self-adhesive coated paper can be added with some special materials and processes, such as fluorescent pigments, infrared materials, etc., which can play a very good anti-counterfeiting and security role, such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, ID cards, etc.


3. Packaging: Self-adhesive coated paper can be printed into very beautiful packaging boxes and bags, which are used in gifts, cosmetics, food and other fields, and have good aesthetics and protection.


The production process of self-adhesive coated paper


The production process of self-adhesive coated paper is very complex and generally includes the following steps:


1. Copperplate printing: Use high-quality coated paper for printing.


2. Covering coating: After the copper plate is printed, it is covered with a special coating to ensure that the surface of the self-adhesive coated paper remains sticky for a long time.


3. Cutting: Cut the printed coated paper according to customer requirements.


4. Finishing: According to customer requirements, special processing is performed, such as adding special anti-counterfeiting materials, covering with special coatings, etc.


Self-adhesive coated paper is widely used in labels, barcodes, anti-counterfeiting, packaging and other fields due to its high-quality printing effect, strong plasticity, high viscosity and high anti-counterfeiting properties. During the production process, certain technological processes need to be followed to ensure product quality and performance.



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