How to distinguish between Art Paper And Offset Paper ?

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How to distinguish between Art Paper And Offset Paper ?

 The differences between offset paper and art paper are as follows:


art paper is a high-grade printing paper made from base paper coated with white paint. It is mainly used for printing covers and illustrations of high-end books and periodicals, color pictures, various exquisite product advertisements, samples, product packaging, trademarks, etc. art paper is divided into two types: single-sided and double-sided, and the paper surface is divided into two types: glossy and cloth. The paper has a smooth surface, high cleanliness, and good ink absorption and inking properties. art paper is mostly used in the production of color pages, because the color pages need to be stored for a long time, so the art paper is wear-resistant and not easily damaged.


Offset paper is printing paper, also called offset paper. Double-adhesive paper refers to paper that is coated with glue on both sides of the paper during the papermaking process to improve its surface physical properties. Because offset paper has the characteristics of small stretchability, uniform ink absorption, good smoothness, tight and opaque texture, and strong water resistance, it is often used as printing paper.





1. Different materials: Offset paper is a low-density fiber paper, generally made of low-value raw materials such as straw pulp, which is relatively easy to damage, and does not have particularly high requirements for the flatness and whiteness of the paper; while art paper is High-density paper uses high-value raw materials such as cotton and bark, so art paper is not only heavier, but also relatively less susceptible to damage. In addition, art paper has relatively high requirements for flatness and whiteness. See It will look smoother and whiter.


2. Different feel: art paper is generally smooth and delicate, while offset paper is rough in comparison.


3. Different main uses: art paper is relatively "high-end". art paper is mainly used for printing albums, covers, postcards, exquisite product samples, and color trademarks. Offset paper is mainly used for printing all kinds of books and textbooks, which is relatively common printing.


4.Different weights: The weight range of offset paper is between 60-120 grams. Although there are also high-weight offset papers with a weight of 180 or even 300 grams, the range of use of this type of offset paper is not large. The weight range of art paper ranges from 70 grams to 450 grams. Generally, paper between 100 grams and 450 grams is used. Therefore, in terms of the weight of the two commonly used papers, art paper is heavier than offset paper.


The difference between matte paper and art paper



In fact, in the printing industry, many papers are difficult for non-professionals to distinguish, such as the difference between white cardboard and art paper. Sometimes the two types of paper are very close in appearance. Today we use matte powder for comparison and distinction. paper and art paper. Although these two types of paper look very similar, they still have many distinguishing characteristics. We have summarized three of them.



1. The difference in appearance between matte pink paper and art paper



art paper is produced by applying a layer of white paint on the base paper and then calendering it. Its biggest feature is that the surface of the paper is very smooth, and it also has relatively high requirements for whiteness. Because of this characteristic, art paper will have a more obvious reflective effect when facing the light.




In fact, matte pink paper is also a type of art paper. Its official name is "matte art paper" or "matte art paper". It is a more high-end paper than art paper. From the name, we know that matte The biggest difference between pink paper and art paper is that there is no obvious reflection, and the printing effect is not as bright as art paper, but the display effect will be more delicate than art paper.


2. The difference in texture between matte pink paper and art paper



In comparison, although the whiteness of art paper is relatively high, it is still worse than matte pink paper. Moreover, matte pink paper absorbs more ink and has a higher hardness. It is not as easy to deform as ordinary art paper. , generally most of the uneven books we see are made of art paper.




In addition, because matte pink paper is relatively expensive, matte pink paper is generally used in the field of color printing, while black and white usually use art paper or offset paper. Advertising flyers will use art paper, but branded products will use matte pink paper.

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