Fluorescent Paper

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Fluorescent Paper

Fluorescent Paper is a versatile and vibrant type of paper that is widely used in various industries and creative applications. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Fluorescent Paper, including its product introduction, manufacturing process, common specifications and sizes, exporting countries, uses, and growth trends.


Product Introduction:

Fluorescent Paper is a special type of paper designed to emit a bright and luminous glow when exposed to ultraviolet light. It is usually made by coating a base paper with a fluorescent pigment or dye, which absorbs UV light and re-emits it in visible wavelengths, creating a striking fluorescent effect. This unique characteristic makes Fluorescent Paper highly popular in many industries, especially in advertising, arts and crafts, stationery, and security printing.




Neon Color Paper/Fluorescent paper/Coated Fluorescent Paper




For roll: 500mm/620mm/700mm/850mm/900mm/1000mm etc

For sheet: 1. Big Size: 500*650mm/500*700mm/700*1000mm or customized

2. Small Size: A2, A3, A4, A5, Letter Size, Legal Size


70g/75g/80gsm one time production 100% woodpulp paper

90-350gsm coated Fluorescent paper one side or two side color

Popular weight:90/160/180/250gsm


One side Color or Double side color


1.Big size: 100/125/200/250sheets per pack with kraft paper.

2.Small size: 50/100/500sheets per OPP bag or as per customer requirements.


Printing, Sticky Notes, copying, handicraft works, gift packing, DIY materials, arts & crafts, envelope, decoration as well as other stationery using purpose etc


Manufacturing Process:

The production of Fluorescent Paper involves several steps. First, a high-quality base paper is selected, which is typically made from wood pulp or recycled paper fibers. The base paper is then coated with a mixture containing fluorescent pigments or dyes, binding agents, and water. The coating is applied evenly to the surface of the paper using various methods, such as roller coating or blade coating. After the coating process, the paper is dried using heat or air, ensuring that the fluorescent pigment adheres firmly to the paper surface. Finally, the paper is cut and packaged according to different specifications and sizes.


Common Specifications and Sizes:

Fluorescent Paper is available in a wide range of specifications and sizes to cater to various industry requirements. The common specifications include paper weight, brightness level, fluorescence intensity, and color options. The sizes usually follow standard ISO paper sizes, such as A4 (210 mm × 297 mm), A3 (297 mm × 420 mm), and A5 (148 mm × 210 mm), but can also be customized according to specific needs.


Exporting Countries:

Fluorescent Paper is produced and exported by several countries worldwide. Some of the leading exporters include Germany, Japan, the United States, and India. These countries have well-established manufacturing capabilities and supply chains, ensuring high-quality Fluorescent Paper reaches global markets.



Fluorescent Paper finds extensive use in a variety of applications due to its bright and eye-catching properties. In the advertising industry, it is commonly used for creating attention-grabbing posters, banners, and signage. In arts and crafts, it is utilized for origami, scrapbooking, and decorative purposes. Additionally, Fluorescent Paper is widely used in stationery, such as notebooks, greeting cards, and gift wrapping. In the security printing sector, it is often employed for producing tamper-evident labels, tickets, and identification documents due to its fluorescence, which can be easily verified under UV light.



Growth Trends:

The demand for Fluorescent Paper is expected to witness steady growth in the coming years. With increasing emphasis on unique and visually appealing marketing materials, the advertising industry is projected to play a significant role in driving the market growth. Moreover, the growing popularity of DIY crafts and creative hobbies is expected to contribute to the rising demand for Fluorescent Paper in the arts and crafts sector. Additionally, advancements in the manufacturing process and the introduction of new color options are anticipated to fuel the market expansion further.


In conclusion, Fluorescent Paper is a distinctive type of paper that emits a striking fluorescent glow under UV light. Its manufacturing process involves coating a base paper with fluorescent pigments or dyes. Commonly available in different specifications and sizes, Fluorescent Paper finds application in advertising, arts and crafts, stationery, and security printing. The product is exported by several countries, including China, Germany, Japan, the United States, and India. With increasing demand from various industries, the market for Fluorescent Paper is expected to witness steady growth, fueled by evolving trends in marketing and creative pursuits.

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