Development status and future development potential of the paper industry

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Development status and future development potential of the paper industry

Development status and future development potential of the paper industry: my country's future paper market demand growth still has great potential


The paper making industry is an important basic raw material industry closely related to the development of the national economy and social undertakings. The consumption level of paper is a symbol of measuring the level of modernization and civilization of a country.


Development status and future development potential of the paper industry

As an important basic raw material industry, the paper making industry occupies an important position in the national economy. The paper making industry is related to all aspects of the country's economy, culture, production, and national defense. Its products are used in many fields of culture, education, science and technology, and the national economy.


Paper making has two forms: machine-made and manual. The mechanism is carried out continuously on the paper machine. The pulp suitable for the paper quality is diluted with water to a certain concentration. It is initially dehydrated in the wire section of the paper machine to form a wet paper sheet, which is then pressed and dehydrated, and then dried into paper. The demand for paper products has strong consumer characteristics, and changes in residents' income levels are the main influencing factors for changes in demand for paper products. Therefore, the paper industry cycle is mainly related to the macroeconomic cycle. Due to the promising prospects of my country's macroeconomics, the paper industry It is still in a period of stable growth.


The products of my country's paper industry mainly include newsprint, uncoated printing and writing paper, coated printing paper, household paper, packaging paper, white cardboard, box board paper, corrugated base paper, and special paper.


The paper making industry is a typical high-pollution industry, and the paper making industry is highly interconnected, involving forestry, agriculture, machinery manufacturing, chemicals, thermo electricity, transportation, environmental protection and other industries. It has a certain stimulating effect on the economy of upstream and downstream industries. Paper The production and consumption level of paperboard has become one of the important indicators to measure the level of modernization and civilization of a country. In addition, the market characteristics of the paper industry include capital and technology intensiveness, strong resource constraints, and cyclical nature.


While developing output, China's paper industry pays more attention to improving quality. The industrial structure is being continuously adjusted, eliminating small-scale equipment with high pollution and high energy consumption, and at the same time actively investing in new paper machines with high speed and wide width. Circular, low-carbon and green economy have become new development themes.


In 2023, in accordance with the spirit of documents such as the "National Standardization Development Outline", the "14th Five-Year Plan and Medium- and Long-term High-Quality Development Outline for the Paper Industry" and the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the formulation and revision of industry standards, focusing on industrial development and industry needs, the paper making field The standard formulation and revision work has begun, aiming to provide effective technical support for the high-quality development of the paper industry.


According to the analysis of the research report "Competition Analysis and Development Prospects Forecast Report of China's Paper Industry from 2023 to 2028" by the Puhua Industrial Institute of China


The paper making industry is one of the basic industries for my country's economic development. In order to improve the overall level of my country's paper making industry, the country has formulated a series of entry thresholds, increased the proportion of advanced production capacity, optimized product structure, and guided the healthy development of the industry. At the same time, in the national "Guidance Catalog for Industrial Structural Adjustment", the standards for eliminating backward and inefficient production capacity are further clarified, and the threshold for the construction of encouraged projects is raised. Our country will continue to implement the industry exit mechanism, adjust and clarify elimination standards, quantify elimination indicators, and increase elimination efforts. Strict industry entry conditions and a high starting point of economies of scale exclude the entry of small enterprises, forming high industry barriers. The development of the national economy has led to the diversification of market demand. Consumers have increasingly higher demands for the quality, craftsmanship, and performance of paper and paper products. Only companies with a certain level of technology accumulation and research and development can compete in the increasingly fierce market. Continuously develop new products that meet the needs of downstream customers, maintain industry advancement and win market profits. On the other hand, the continuous updating and improvement of production technology and other technologies can improve the utilization rate of raw materials, stabilize product quality, and thereby reduce production costs. Newly entered companies lack the necessary technology accumulation and have limited research and development capabilities for new products, making it difficult to enter the industry. Tired, the level of research and development of new products is limited, and it is difficult to enter the industry.


Paper industry chain

The industrial chain of the paper industry can be divided into pulping, paper making and paper products from upstream to downstream. The upstream pulping industry can be divided into wood pulp, non-wood pulp and waste paper pulp; the midstream paper making link can be divided into four sub-industries according to different product categories: newsprint, cultural paper, packaging paper and special paper; The downstream application of paper products can be divided into packaging paper production and Wenhua printing production.


The traditional paper making industry is an industry with high energy consumption and high pollution. Therefore, the country has formulated many medium and long-term policies such as "dual energy control", the "14th Five-Year Plan", and the ban on the import of solid waste. As environmental protection policies become stricter, the paper making industry will continue to promote green construction and improve the green manufacturing system. In the future, more paper making companies will integrate concepts such as recycling, low-carbon, green, and environmental protection into the company's production and operation system, such as improving the efficiency of recycling water use, wastewater treatment and waste residue recycling, and biogas recycling for power generation and heating. Improve the level of combined heat and power, etc., and promote the green, low-carbon and cyclic development of the paper industry.


According to the national "dual circulation" strategy and the goal of "making per capita GDP reach the level of moderately developed countries by 2035", my country's future paper market demand growth still has great potential. According to the "14th Five-Year Plan and Medium- and Long-term High-Quality Development Outline of the Paper Industry", by 2025, my country's total paper and cardboard production is expected to reach 140 million tons, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.70%, and annual per capita consumption is expected to reach 100 kilograms .


The paper making industry research report aims to start from the national economic and industrial development strategy, analyze the future policy direction of paper making and the development trend of the regulatory system, tap the market potential of the paper making industry, and provide an understanding of the industry scale based on in-depth research on key market segments. , industrial structure, regional structure, market competition, industry profitability level and other angles to vividly depict market changes and clarify the direction of development.


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