Cast Coated High Glossy Sticker Paper On Sale

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Cast Coated High Glossy Sticker Paper On Sale

In the 1930s, self-adhesive materials were first applied in the United States. Due to the continuous expansion of the demand for this special composite material, self-adhesive printing has gradually evolved into an independent printing field. more and more companies. As far as our country is concerned, the unprecedented development of the printing industry in terms of production scale, technical level, and market space has driven the development of self-adhesive printing, and has reached an unprecedented level.And the mostly common used is cast coated glossy sticker paper.


Here we would like to introduce the cast coated sticker paper for you:


Cast Coated Sticker Paper

Cast Coated sticker paper is also as known as the mirror coated sticker paper or high gloss sticker paper, the face stock coated with clay, it has a high gloss, smooth, and shiny surface that you can almost see a mirror-like reflection in the paper, therefore the name mirror coat sticker.



Hot melt permanent adhesive

Water-based acrylic adhesive

Solvent adhesive


Bottom paper material:

Release paper is commonly known as "bottom paper". The surface is non-sticky with low surface energy. Peel off the backing paper. Commonly used are white, blue, yellow glassine paper



In Reel, Wrapped by kraft paper and strong films then on pallets

In Sheet, 100 sheets per ream by kraft paper, then on pallets, or put into cartons then load into container directly


Regular Size:

Sheet: 20X30”, 21*30’’, 50X70CM, 51*70CM, 70X100CM


Customized size acceptable


Back Slit Available: 5CM or 3.8CM



The surface is smooth and delicate, the printing color is smooth, and the color printing is highly reductive, which meets the high requirements of customers for printing quality.


Self-adhesive printing is the process of transferring ink and other substances through the printing plate to the surface of the printing material with the adhesive layer on the back under a certain pressure.


Compared with ordinary printing, self-adhesive has the following characteristics:

Small investment, quick results. Self-adhesive printed materials are mostly trademarks and stickers, which have a small format, fast printing speed, and less production waste.

The printing method is flexible. Self-adhesive is not limited by printing methods, and traditional printing factories can use offset printing machines or screen printing machines for printing.

Multi-functional, self-adhesive is widely used in food, cosmetic products and barcodes, etc., and can also be used as signs in special environments such as electronic products and mechanical products



Widely used as information tags for medicine, food, advertising, electrical appliances, product identification tag, logistics and postal area, these adhesive paper usually use as price tags, information tags, commodity tags, logistics tags, postal tags, airline tags and automatic tags.



Application field


Packaging industry: shipping marks, postal parcels, letter packaging, transport goods labeling, envelope address labels;

Commodity industry: price tags, product description labels, shelf labels, barcode labels, drug labels;

Chemical industry: labeling of paint materials, packaging labeling of gasoline engine oil products and labeling of various special solvent products;

Electronic and electrical labels for the electronic and electrical industry: There are many durable self-adhesive labels on various electrical appliances. These labels have a large unit area and a large number. In addition, self-adhesive labels are also widely used as instructions for industrial products (computers, etc.), which also drives the demand for self-adhesive labels.

Logistics labels in the logistics industry: In recent years, the logistics industry is emerging in my country, and modern logistics has more and more needs for variable information printing labels, such as storage and transportation labels, luggage labels, supermarket labels, etc.

Pharmaceutical labels in the pharmaceutical industry: more and more self-adhesive labels have been used in pharmaceutical packaging. With the over-the-counter sales of over-the-counter drugs, pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumers pay more attention to pharmaceutical packaging, which will to a large extent prompt pharmaceutical manufacturers to Accelerate the pace of conversion from traditional labels to self-adhesive labels.


Self-adhesive stickers are widely used in the advertising industry as a variety of advertising materials. It is the best match with instant sticker cutting plotters. The carved products are widely used in light boxes, signboards (mounting), and car body advertisements. Production, permanent signs, signs, computer cutting patterns, window patterns, exhibition board production and many other aspects.


The back adhesive of this product is acrylic solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesive with excellent adhesion. The polymer calendered polyethylene-based surface rubber has the characteristics of multi-color, strong color retention and uniform color, and has good weather resistance and pollution resistance. It has good shrinkage resistance and has a service life of more than three years. It is a cost-effective method for ordinary facade decoration.


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