Are there these two major "headaches" in special-shaped die cutting? This is the solution! !

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Are there these two major "headaches" in special-shaped die cutting? This is the solution! !

Self-adhesive die-cutting is a special type of die-cutting. Usually, unnecessary waste edges must be removed after die-cutting to facilitate labeling and labeling. The special-shaped labels mentioned in this article refer to labels with irregularshapes. The difficulty of the die-cutting process lies in the waste removal process. In actual production, waste removal often causes some problems due to its irregular shape. This article will introduce some common problems and solutions during the die-cutting process of self-adhesive special-shaped labels.


Part 1-Broken waste edge

Die-cutting waste edge breakage is a common problem encountered in self-adhesive die-cutting processing, and many factors will affect it. Common influencing factors include surface material strength, waste edge width, die-cutting tool, waste discharge tension, and special-shaped labels. Here we mainly talk about the reasons and solutions for the waste edge breakage caused by special-shaped labels.


The reason for the breakage of the waste edge: the special shape of the special-shaped label causes the waste edge to be irregular. During waste removal, as more and more waste edges appear on the waste discharge roller, the area with more waste is on the waste discharge roller. The diameter will also be larger than the area with less waste discharge, which will inevitably cause uneven tension on the waste discharge edge and easily cause the waste discharge edge to break.


Solution: (1) Add a balancing pressure roller to the waste discharge roller, and use external force to properly balance the diameter of the waste discharge roll; (2) Add appropriate lining paper to the winding position with less waste discharge edges to balance the waste discharge. The tension of the edge; (3) Use a pre-stripping process before die-cutting to appropriately reduce the release force of the material. The greater the release force, the greater the tension on the waste discharge, which is not conducive to smooth waste discharge. Special-shaped labels Especially; (4) Enhance the tensile strength of the waste discharge edge through processing technology, increase the tensile strength of the surface material through surface coating, and add a back knife device for die-cutting the bottom paper at the die-cutting station, so that the waste is discharged The edge becomes a double-layer structure of top paper and bottom paper, and its tensile strength is also greatly enhanced.


Part 2-The label becomes warped during waste disposal

A common phenomenon of labeling during the self-adhesive die-cutting process is that the label is lifted up by the waste edge and separated from the backing paper when the waste is discharged during die-cutting. It is commonly known as "flying label". The warping angle is the prelude to flying marks. The usual influencing factors are: die-cutting quality, waste discharge method, material peeling force and ambient temperature.

Due to the special shape of special-shaped labels, during die-cutting and waste removal, the edge of the label will often be lifted up by the waste removal edge and become warped, causing the label to be unable to be rolled up and labeled normally, resulting in a high scrap rate. This phenomenon often occurs in areas where the label outline angle is very small, such as the five corners of a five-pointed star label. During normal waste discharge, if the area is too small, its relative peeling force will be very small, and it is easy to be lifted up by the waste discharge edge.


Solution: Try to avoid right angles or sharp angles when designing labels. The larger the angle, the more conducive to waste discharge; in order to increase the waste discharge angle, the waste discharge roller can be modified into a scrap discharge steel ruler; on the die cutting knife plate Add foam to the label position; install a sponge roller of a certain thickness at the label position of the finer waste roller.


We are a very professional sticker paper and label manufacturer with over 30 years expereience, it’s very normal that we will meet different problems during the production and slitting, temperature, humidity, printing machines of different models and brands, slitter and die-cutting machines of different models and brands will all have an impact on the experience of using sticker paper. Even people in different parts of the same country have different preferences for stickers and labels, therefore, it is very important to ensure that the product can perform well in different environments, humidity, temperature and different models and brands of machines.


It is not difficult to customize different stickers and labels according to the requirements, but it is difficult to ensure high-quality products under the limited cost. The labor cost and the price control of raw materials are very critical factors for whether a factory has an advantage. With the rapid development of economy, people's demand for personalized customized labels is increasing, and label enterprises are bound to face more challenges and problems, which is a challenge and an opportunity for the label industry. Label production technology and die-cutting technology will be actively or passively improved with the emergence of more and more new requirements and new problems.


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